Monday, January 24, 2011

Heading back stateside

To those that know me, know that Im in the Navy and currently stationed overseas in the country of Bahrain. On the 27th I'll be heading back stateside, transfering to Gulfport, Mississippi. With that being said, expect a lot more play breakdowns (as Im currently working on coverage breakdown, to better explain when and how to uses some of your base coverages) and videos on some of the stuff I explain.

3 days, guys.... 3 days!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Split Field Coverage Pt. 3: Solo and Special

Sorry for the long delay guys.

So far we've talked about handling Trips from the 2-Read (Cover 2 Robber) and how to handle the 2x2 formations from your base 4-2-5 sets. Today I'll give you suggestions on how to handle 3x1 with a solo call and 5 wide sets all from the base 4-2-5 sets

Cover Blue-Solo

“Solo” is a tag that is used verse 3x1 sets that is played on the away side.

This tag puts your Away-side corner on an island in man to man coverage, The Read-side continues to play their assigned coverage, 2 “Robber”. The WS safety and the Read-side Lber have the responsibility of the #3 WR. If he tries to run a divider route, the Lber should bump him and redirect him off his route and the WS will catch him and take him vertical. This also allows you to either blitz or set the MLB in M/M on the HB. Another example is seen below.

PLAY: 4-2-5 Cover 4 (Same as the Cover BLUE) 

  • Set the Away-side CB in M/M coverage over the single away-side WR
  • Spread the safeties


Special is probably the preferred call against 5 wide 3x2 sets. The FS will cover the Trips side, He and the SS will play BLUE (Squats and halfs)  over the #2 and #3 WRs with the Away-side playing the same coverage. FS and Corners have deep and the SSs have the Curl/Flat zones. Read-side Backer has the QB on any draw play. This also leaves everybody in perfect position for run support in case of a Jet Sweep to the outside.

PLAY: 4-2-5 Cover 3
  • set the Read-side CB in M/M coverage over the #1 WR.
  • Manually cover any deep routes by the #2 or #3 WRs with the FS.