Sunday, January 31, 2010

EA Discussion on Gameplay with Russ Kiniry

Recently EA had a chat with Russ Kiniry that I missed. EA really does some wierd things, like have a community function at 4pm. The only people at home at that time are kids and Potheads. Guess we know who their core audience is. Anyways, I found the EA boards and posted my thoughts there, which in turn are posted below. Just some things that erked me with gameplay and with the way the game plays.


- what are the chances that we can get Tiered Defensive Playcalling for defense or a Playbook overhaul? we've been playing with these playbooks for a while without any new additions?

- to add more depth to the defensive audibles can a change be implemented to where the adjustments like "Safeties In" makes the Corners play different while in man to man defense? As in keeping outside and inside leverage on receivers to keep them from getting outside?

- seeing how most defenses play Man to Man defense can something be done to make the Man to Man defenses coverage better, the reason nobody plays man defense in this game is because of how horrible its the defenders play it. Key example is Mesh plays, not even the best corner back in the game, no matter how fast or how high his man cover rating is, can stop a receiver on this play. Yes there is supposed to be a rub, but its a bit over done.

- Cover 4 issues. The Cover 4 in the base formations play too much like a "Prevent" style. The Corners drop too deep. they shoud still be in blue zones but only drop as deep as a buzz zone until somebody passes into their zones. In most Cover 4 schemes they (the Cornerbacks) should be the "force" player and be deep enough to contain the outside run. its should basically work like Cover 2 press man.

- Over and Under Formations and the lack of Weak and Strong LB/Safeties. Over fronts and Under fronts arent really realistic. Over and Under fronts should automatically adjust from the huddle if we had Weak and Strong Players instead of LOLB and ROLB (this applies to Defensive ends too). Over fronts should line up to the passing strength (in the case of a balance formations IE 2x2 sets w/ a rb, the side with the bigger threat) Under sets are more man to get the weakside OLB( or weakside safety in the case of 335 or 425) have the TE in man2man coverage, seeing how the 43Under is mostly man coverage anyways. (this may be more playbook related than gameplay though)

- Hook zones over the middle should try to get a collision with receivers running crossing routes to throw them off their route a bit. This doesnt happen, the only person that gets a collision are the defenders.

- The pass commit button and the button to make the crowd cheer are the same, giving away things you’re trying to do on defense.

- Run commit should tell your front 7 to maintain gap control rather than to fold all the way inside or outside and bring your SS up into the box to give run support.

These are just things that are schematically important defensive wise and add to the replay value. A lot of NCAA guys are tired of seeing things that madden had the year before and the new madden with all the cool new bells and whistles. We know a lot more people by Madden than NCAA and your budget isnt like Madden, but the community as a whole is hoping that the change in management is for the best.

Sir, If you've read this i hope you take AT LEAST some of it into some serious consideration. I know you guys work hard on this game and everything cant be put in (and we seriously appreciate it) but seeing how your guys have licenses on the Pro and College football games you can understand why the community are so hard on you guys to create a perfect sim football game. We appreciate being heard.

Thanks you.
(Hopefully, we'll get a chance to talk to Anthony White too)

Now, Hopefully a voice will be heard.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I'm working on...

I dont want you guys to think that Im letting this blog die. I plan on keeping this going up for a very long time. So I decided to post some things that I've been working on.

- Option Routes, hopefully this will be up this week sometime.

- Switch Concepts and the Progression reads that love them. Just some basic stuff on my absolute favorite passing concept and route combonation other than the Smash.

- Gaining and maintaining gap control, on utopia people are always asking how to stop the run. And my answer is always the the drab and dull "Gap Control". In this post hopefully I'll get a good chance to break it all down.

- Notes on Defense, Self-explanitory

- How Cover 4 should work and how it works in the game, this will probably be a my bitch and whine complaint blog on simple mistakes in the game.

- Notes on passing against a Single high safety defense, a possible point counter-point post with defensive notes

- The "Grab bag" playcalling effect. a Post on play calling and how to avoid just going into formations and calling plays without any rhyme or reason.