Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lets Talk Etiquette

So uncalled for....
All things Internet allow people to hide behind a screen name and say things they wouldn't say in public.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

*Deep Deep Sigh*

So a new season of EA's NCAA Football is here. The Flexbone offense has been nerfed, HARD. The toss is basically a stretch play and leaving you with nothing to burn people with when they blitz their inside linebackers. Ho-hum. I've resorted to using the Spread offense. I found a couple of good schemes from Shotgun Split Offset and Shotgun Offset Wk on Youtube and created my own from 4WR Trio. Adapt and Overcome. Schemes and Blitzes are in anybody who's still following this blogs future. Until then, Option and Prosper.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Paul Johnson "If/Then" Playcalling system

Edit: I owe a big debt of gratitude to Duece over at If it wasnt for his post on the same subject, I would've never done this write up.

Paul Johnsons System is all built around running the Triple Option. To get proficient at it You must practice it against all front and know what fronts you cant run it against and what your opponent can do to take that away. The other plays are used as counters to keep the defense vanilla. Im not going to get all into detail like I usually would. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I've tested this out for about 8-9 months as I've been working on this since right before the end of '11's season. I've been fairly successful with the system minus a couple of hiccups in my decision of playcalling and dealing with the 1-5-5 . Give it a try and we can discuss it and tweak it for all. NOTE: This is just a guideline for how to use the offense. Should be noted also that playcalling is a art and this is just a tool to help you get out of binds that you may face online.

vs 8man Front
- Utilize the Twins Over, Split Wing Z/X, Tackle Over or Trips

vs Force players on the LOS
-Run Close and Split Z/X to get Better Blocking on the Perimeter

Vs 3-3-5
- See 8man front

After you've done that:
If the free safety is in the box and nobody from the defense goes over to the unbalanced side, attack where the defense has fewer numbers.
If the defense takes somebody over, attack the side from where the defender was taken.

Also dont forget the personel packages This allows your opponent to see 3HB and 2WRs on the field most of the time and allows you to play a chess game with them so they'll never know where they'll line up.

Like I said earlier, The key play is the Triple and all the other plays are a counter to what the defense does against that. Now the general real life rules for wether you call Midline or Triple is depending on the defensive line technique, or where the linemen line up.

The real life rule is that if you have a 2 or 3tech playside (PS) run midline, If you dont have 2 or 3 tech playside run Triple. Im not going to tell you not to do it. But if you do decide to run the triple, I reccomend using the rule of watching to see if the MLB blitzes (keep) or not (Give).

Run Double Option if:
TNT or Bear Front
DT/NT is wrecking havoc and getting into the backfield fast
The opp. is concentrating on taking away the Dive.

Run FB Dive/Sting if:
PSLB is scraping outside
Opp is usering the DE to give a cloudy read
Two 1techs and a MLB aligned over the Center

Run Rocket Toss if:
TNT or Bear Front
Stunting toward inside gaps
PSILB is blitzing A or B gaps
Force Player on the LOS
DE Blitzing the Dive

Run Counter Option (FB Load Option) or WB Misdirection If:
Opp is usering the BSLB and blitzing the BS A gap
Opp is usering LB and flowing hard to the tail motion

Run Option Passes if:
Opp is usering any Safety and flowing fast to the tail motion