Saturday, May 28, 2011

Attacking the 3-3-5 and other 8-man fronts from the Flexbone

The Biggest Question lately between the small group of Flexbone guys is how to handle the 3-3-5. I’ve had to go through my Flexbone Clinic Notes and find out how Paul Johnson or anybody from his coaching tree handle the Odd Stack

Vs. the Odd Stack (3-3-5/3-5-3)

Step 1 - Get into (Twins) Over, Trips, or Heavy (Split X or Z and Goal Line).  This is done versus all eight-man front teams to see if they bring someone over from the backside to the play side.  In attacking the Odd Stack, you must get into Trips/Over/Heavy to make the defense declare their backers or coverage (zone or man).

Step 2 - Then, see where the Free Safety is aligned.

If the free safety is on the midline (aligned over the center) and nobody goes over to the Trips/Over/Heavy side, run triple to the Trips/Over/Heavy side.

If the defense takes someone from the backside to the play side, or the defense takes the free safety over, attack the side from where he is taken—away from the Trips/Over/Heavy side.

Important note: When running the Triple Option vs the stack, You need to read the Linebacker and not the defensive end or SS.  

Basic Play Calling guide when running the Triple v. Odd Stack or 8 man fronts.

-FS or play side corner make tackle on Triple = run Option Pass

-If Invert/Overhang/Spur makes tackle on dive or quarterback = Over, Triple Option Blast or Double Option Solid to weak side.

-Vs. Bear = Over/Heavy Double Option to the weak side

-Nose or Mike tackle the Dive = Double Option

-Backside Linebacker tackles the Dive = Counter Option (Trap Option or FB Load with Counter motion

-Playside Linebacker blitzes inside = Rocket Toss

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