Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TCU's Tite Short Smoke 0 Blitz

Formation: 425 Under (if the ball is on the left hash)
425 Over (if on the right hash)

Base Play: Crash Gold

This is a awesome pressure play to use when the ball is on the hash, a good change up play since most 4-2-5 like to use zones because of deficiencies with man coverage. If you're familiar with my philosophy on how to use the 4-2-5, I dont use the base plays vs Trips 4 and 5 wide unless I chose to dail up some type of blitz. If you call this play, and your opponent audibles into a Trips play, its a pretty good idea to have Nickle Strong Cover 1 "Robber' in your audibles.

Play Setup:
Again, this is a hash blitz. The "Tite" Call is telling you to set your 3 tech DT away from the TE, hence, the Under/Over formations. The Over Formation gives you a 1 Tech Nose Guard and a 3 Tech DT, while the Under is the exact opposite. The "Short Smoke" Call, tells your SS/OLB that he's blitzing from the boundary.

Optional Adjustments:
- Back off coverage so to not get beat by the deep bomb
- Set the blitzing ILB to Spy as this helps against the inside run and doesnt leave a huge cutback lane that can open if you leave him set to blitz.

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