Thursday, November 11, 2010

4-2-5 Split Field Coverage Pt.2

Cover 2-Blue is a Split Field coverage, that is mostly employed by 4-2-5 teams vs Singleback sets. Not to say that you couldn't use a play like 2 “ROBBER” vs a Singleback look, but it stresses the Awayside linebacker.

As Oneback has already explained. The front calls are completely separate from the coverage so this is adaptable from the 4-2-5, to the Nickel package.

They hyphenated call means that the secondary will be playing two different types of coverage to their respective halves of the field. The read side, or the side of the passing strength is playing 2, which is the Robber coverage. The Away side is playing BLUE coverage.

Cover 2 is basically The ROBBER coverage cut in half.  This is the side that You’ll have the FS reading the #2

Blue is a combo coverage using the CB and the WS on the away side #2. The Corner has the Curl/Flat while the WS has anything deep and the Mike comes over to help for the intermediate routes.

So basically this s a double ROBBER play, thats great against Singleback/Pro/2x2 Spread passing.

Building this play is easy and only takes a few adjustments:

Play: 4-2-5 Cover 4
Make sure the side that you declare as the strength the readside LBr is in the Hook Zone. This is the side that you’ll be usering the FS.


  • Awayside CB in to a Flat Zone

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